What will mowing cost?

Service Includes:

  • Mowing of front, back, and side turf areas
  • Trimming around the house, trees, mailboxes, etc. (not around utilities or HVAC units)
  • Edging of concrete areas
  • Blowing clippings off hard surfaces
  • You’re billed each week, the day after service
  • We offer a full line of landscape services
  • MowHawks only asks for a “4 mow minimum” to sign up. There are NO CONTRACTS! Please read our mowing service terms of service here.
  • If your lawn receives routine fertilizer applications you must choose “Weekly Service”

MowHawks Now Serves Innsbrook VA

MowHawks has spent the time to provide their customers with professionals you can rely on. It is important that our equipment and the techniques used are state of the that will provide you with the best looking lawn. Our professional lawn mowing team will ensure your property is taken care of properly. It is imperative that your trust is safely guarded by knowing our team will be reliable and trustworthy. We pride ourselves with having a professional, clean cut crew. Background checks are performed on each one of our team members. When you have one of our team members mowing your lawn, we want you and your family to feel safe. We are approachable and easy to talk to, so tell your neighbors! Click here to meet the crew!.

Our Innsbrook Lawn Mowing Team

We know you want to have the best lawn in your neighborhood and you want it for a reasonable price. There are so many companies to choose from, how do you determine which one is reliable? You guess, right? Well Let the guessing stop now! MowHawks is the best and most reliable lawn mowing service in the Innsbrook, VA area. We are known for our family friendly and professional demeanor. Our expert staff takes exceptional pride in the work they perform. The level of service you will get is always consistent, and at an excellent price. Detail oriented service is guaranteed when you hire MowHawks to manage your lawn and landscape. Grass cutting in Innsbrook is provided on the same day (next day if weather is bad) each week. Our customer service is outstanding! If you have a question about our services, feel free to email or even call us (804) 404-3829! To start enjoying your Saturdays, sign up today for the best lawn service in Innsbrook VA.


We Want to Mow Your Lawn

Are you ready to sign up for lawn service in Innsbrook? Click the “Get Started” button below and then type in your address. Once your address is typed into the box, click the “Get My Price” button to get an instant price! Included in this price is not just lawn mowing, though! The price also includes: trimming around any obstacles such as trees, swing sets, and areas not accessible by the lawn mowers, as well as edging any concrete sidewalks and driveway areas. As a bonus we will even blow off the grass trimmings from any hard surfaces. MowHawks is happy to provide all of this exceptional work by our professional crew just for you.

Sign up today for Innsbrook Lawn Care

MowHawks is the best lawn mowing company, but sometimes we mess up (yeah we’re human). If at anytime you are not satisfied with our service then please give us a call. Our trained and knowledgeable staff will work through any problem with you. We will correct any problems free of additional charges. If you still aren’t happy, we’ll even pay a competitor to come out and fix it PLUS we will give you a full refund. We have faith in our trained staff to do a great job and put trust in their ability to give you the best lawn mowing service in Innsbrook! We have never had to give a refund and we would love to keep that record going! Hire us today!